Smartglass App Development

Smartglasses are wearable computing devices that help in completing a wide range of tasks efficiently. These devices show you the things right in front of your eyes for analysis and solutions. At Appzlogic, our professional team offers customized smartglass App development solutions as per your business needs. Our expertise is in providing the right App development solutions for the Vuzix glass and Google glass as per the varied needs of our clients. We boast of delivering effective Vuzix and Google app development solution services.

Smartglass App Development

In the modern world, smart glasses have emerged as crucial ways to improve people’s lives. They need smartglass apps to do everyday tasks. We are a dependable source when our clients need an app developed for any requirements.

High Quality AR Solutions

We ensure that you get hands- free augmented reality AR solutions using Vuzix smart glasses in whichever business you are. We deliver App solutions for smartglass Vuzix M 300 and Vuzix M 400 devices. With our app development for smartglass, businesses can easily replace bulky scanners and clipboard with one pair of smartglass.

Get these apps solutions to scan barcodes just by looking at anything that you want to scan. This technique is known as vision picking. You can also ensure video recording that enables your managers to spot errors during the processing of things quickly. For interactive training purposes also, video recording is useful for recruiting new staff.

We also provide app development solutions for Vuzix Blade devices that are wearable smart displays. You get an excellent see-through viewing experience. So, access the screen with information as you move around.

With us, you get Vuzix Remote Assist [VRA] solutions customized specially in various business use cases for streaming video app. This helps in increasing productivity as remote support experts and field technicians can share the information.

Serving The Prominent Industrues

Appzlogic is a prominent source of Smartglasses and Augmented Reality [AR] technologies for a wide range of industries. We ensure that you access quality app development solutions for wearable computing devices, virtual and augmented reality and personal display products for a great viewing experience.

Here are the key industries that benefit from our smartglass app development expertise

Vuzix Remote Assist For Field Technicians

Our expert smartglass aap development team delivers customized VRA solutions to the businesses that need to connect with field technicians through real-time video/audio collaboration. With the right app development for Vuzix smartglass, you are assured of a great hands-up and hands-free way to communicate with technicians. This, in turn, enables your expert technicians to engage other technicians efficiently in a project.

We make sure that our smartglass app development solutions helps you reduce your overall training costs, truck trolling, and get rid of the high travel costs. With us, you experience an improved ROI instantly in your business due to ease of communication with the technician while working on a project.

VRA Solutions For Field Services

One of the issues faced by project owners and experts is to find out the effective way to engage workers and interact with them in remote areas. With our customized smartglass app development solution for your requirements, your experts can guide workers without traveling to the isolated regions for repairing and maintenance processes.

With our smartglass app development for VRA devices, you are assured of multiple industry benefits when it comes to connecting with workers to deliver quality field services. These benefits include:

  • Get quick customer response,
  • Have expert-insight,
  • Reduce your travel costs,
  • Ensure a hands-free working experience
  • Ascertain remote support from experts
  • Have a full technical support
  • Conduct on-site training and courses

VRA Solutions For Warehouse Logistics

Our Smartglass aap development solutions are perfect for the warehousing industry, which involves a lot of hectic tasks. Warehouse pickers accomplish most of the jobs in this industry. If yours is a warehouse business, you can complete the tasks efficiently and quickly with almost no errors with our smartglass app solutions. These apps let you process manual order picking, sorting, and packing of goods, incoming and outgoing goods, management of inventory, and deficiencies.

The Vuzix devices help them perform jobs such as manual order picking, sorting and packing of goods, inventory, deficiencies, incoming/outgoing goods handling, etc. We provide apps solutions for all the hands-free augmentation reality smartglass devices to do these tasks efficiently.

Warehousing industry benefits from our VRA smartglass app solutions in many ways, including:

  • Reduce your average warehouse pick time
  • Staff carrying lesser equipment
  • Fewer mistakes in accomplishing the orders
  • Replace clipboard and bulky scanner
  • Give real-time video feedback on the successful pick
  • Scan barcoding by looking at what you need to scan.
  • Get live videos to spot errors for timely picking the inefficiencies during the process.
  • Provide on-site training and courses to new workers.

VRA Smartglass App Development Solutions For Tele-Medicine

Telemedicine is a fast-growing field of delivering remote medical help on time. Our VRA smartglass app development expertise is an assurance for leveraging medical expertise to provide health care services efficiently. With these devices and apps, a healthcare practitioner can get live medical feedback and advice from medical experts.

With our realwear smartglass apps, you can leverage medical expertise for telemedicine. You can, therefore, deliver medicine to remote areas. These apps are frequently are used for use-cases in telemedicine so that the onsite care practitioner can get live and interactive medical feedback.

Benefits Of Our Customized Smartglass App Development Services For The Tele-Medine  Industry Include :

  • Issue timely instructions to healthcare practitioners
  • Apps enabling doctors to have a direct conversation through video with the practitioners.
  • Lets the practitioners keep an eye on the patients while interacting with the medical experts.
  • Have a record of the treatment
  • Use video feed to provide feedback quickly
  • Access medical libraries
  • Train young doctors with real-life treatment scenarios that involve complex procedures.
  • Medical experts from faraway places made available to check patients for vital signs

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