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Automation Testing is a proven way to enhance the QA team’s productivity. It is proving it’s worth, especially when a company does not have a shortage of well-trained test automation engineers, and test environment cost have escalated. But automation testing is also essential to deal with complex test data and end to end test coverage. At Appzlogic, we maintain a perfect balance between the ideal software test automation framework and various automation challenges. This is our proven way to come up with effective open source-based test automation solutions. We use custom-built automation test frameworks to deliver cost-effective and mission-oriented test solutions.

Our QA team uses Zephyr, Appium, etc. test tools that help us improve test efficiency.Our team uses only prominent commercial test automation tools like QTP as well as open-source tools and utilities such as Ruby and Cucumber.

At the same time, not depending solely on cost-effective commercial tools, we consistently research and develop customizable frameworks also to make project applications much easier.

Our team also ensures the best quality business use cases to describe a particular use of the system by a user. This software testing technique helps us identify all the test cases so that the entire system is well covered. This we ascertain on a transaction by transaction basis in each step that we take from start to finish.

We are an expert QA team that performs several test automation frameworks in Java, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript, C-Sharp, and Python and all the other major programming languages. We deliver E2E Ruby automated testing thanks to the test automation frameworks that our QA team developed. Besides, our team carries years of experience in providing automating mobile applications and web applications on mobile devices. The test automation frameworks we use include Calabash and Appium to test mobile applications automation. Our frameworks are efficient to test on emulators, simulators, and real mobile devices.

In addition to the IP built open source technologies or our own, our team makes good use of a variety of automation testing commercial tools available from HP, IBM, Borland, Apple, and SmarteSoft. These tools further give us the much-needed depth in test automation.

Overall, To Summarize, Here Is Why We Qualify To Meet Your Test Automation Specific Needs.

  • We provide highly customized solutions based on test automation models
  • We have made investments in R&D to ensure to get cutting edge tools for improved test coverage and productivity.
  • You can also depend on us for cost-saving measures as we have the cost-effective tools and frameworks that manual testers can use to carry automation testing.

We understand that your automation testing needs are specific and different from others. This prompts us to provide you carefully picked up customized solutions based on a lot of factors. Our experienced team is will help you come out from all of your automation testing issues.

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