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Make data-driven decisions for your application instead of guessing whether your application will delight your users or not.

Our robust crowd testing services leverage real users with actual devices to execute multiple tests under real-world conditions. Apart from identifying and fixing bugs, software crowd testing solutions help in gathering invaluable user-experience feedback.

Our crowdsourced testing teams can help you meet various business needs including geography, demographic, language, industry, device/OS combination, and more. We enable you to create real-world scenarios for robust testing with users that are close to your target market.

Crowd Testing Solutions To Deliver Flawless Customer
Benefits Of Crowd Testing Services From Appzlogic

Counter the Challenge  of Growing Devices

Test your applications on a variety of devices and operating systems including iOS and Android (OS). Our crowd testing services offer a vast cross-section of devices and systems that meet your testing requirements.

Benefits Of Crowd Testing Services From Appzlogic

Real-time Status Tracking and Report 

Live-track progress of your crowd testing and the real-time status. You can identify all the bugs from the reports and send them to developers to get them fixed.

Ad-hoc Availability and Suitability

Our crowd testing services ensure faster recruitment of testers who are efficient and highly targeted to the relevant user groups. Get reliable and faster feedback on your app’s user experience and look & feel. You can also execute continuous testing over the development stage.

Significant advantages of software crowd testing solutions

Highly experienced and trained manual testers are available round the clock at scale.

Test on any OS or real device with the required configuration, eliminating the need to invest in a device lab.

Deploy real users to test your application in real-world scenarios. Identify and fix end-user issues that are missed in traditional testing.

Choose from a wide range of demographics suiting your target audience and business objective.

Accelerate testing capacity and execute more releases without affecting your bottom line.

Deliveigh-Quality Solution with Crowd Testing

Crowd Testing Solutions can help you test digital applications in the most efficient and faster manner.

Types Of Crowd Testing Services 

We offer a one-stop solution for crowd testing services.

Crowd Testing That Meets Your Unique Requirements

Our crowd testing service leverages multiple testers and real devices from all over the world to achieve a flawless end-user experience.

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If you are looking to opt for an honest data-driven approach to enhance the usability of your application, Appzlogic can help you with high-end Software Crowd Testing Solutions. Talk to our experts to explore possibilities.

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