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Appzlogic is here to increase the efficiency of your enterprise by creating a smart cloud architecture and optimization to manage heavy workflow with ease. In order to identify the optimal cloud configuration along with the best pricing plan, highest security, and customized strategy; our team helps our clients with in-depth cloud infrastructure analysis, setup of the application, API and database, data flow, performance portfolio, workload analysis, and scope of improvement.

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Cloud optimization is an essential part of every cloud transformation story. It describes the process of intelligence-driven selection and assignment of the right resources to a specific workload or application. Our cloud experts help you streamline IT operations and enhance cost efficiency while with the industry's best practices, as well as adhering to security and compliance guidelines. We have extensive expertise in the cloud-optimized space having helped multiple customers optimize their resources and reboot their business operations.

Pillars of Cloud Optimization

Benefits of our Cloud Optimization Services 

Architecture Assessment

Cloud architecture's current state, design, development, and performance will be assessed to find out the areas of improvement.

Cloud Optimization Service

Multi-Cloud Optimization

You can optimize costs, network, compute, and storage along with operations on multiple cloud providers.

Bottleneck Identification

Obsolete functions identifications and analyzing the reasons for idle resources in the Cloud environment.

Mis-Provision Resources Identification

Mis-provision resource assessment by architecture optimization and then configure correctly to deliver the needed service.

Storage Strategizing

Find out the suitable storage to meet the business challenges and ensure higher availability to gain more effective procedure.

Why You Should Have Cloud Optimization Services?

The process of accurately choosing and allocating the appropriate resources to a task or application is known as cloud optimization. Efficiency is attained when workload performance, compliance, and cost are accurately and consistently balanced against the infrastructure that is best-fit e in real-time.

The infrastructure requirements for each application and workload are distinct, and these requirements change over time. When choosing resources for a workload, domain knowledge is generally used to achieve baseline performance. However, machine intelligence can benefit and further improve all workloads manually matching to cloud resources.

Apps that perform better, use fewer resources to administer, and have fewer infrastructure facilities both on-premises and in the cloud are those whose ongoing needs are dynamically matched to the best cloud supply. These apps also provide the most value for the money spent on the cloud.

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