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In the modern highly competitive business world, companies explore the entire gamut of platforms and devices to promote their products or services. They ensure that their applications are present in Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and all the other open-source operating systems. Businesses also have their applications on mobile computing devices like mobile phones and e-readers. Mobile testing for multiple operating systems versions of Android and iOS and thousands of devices is now a challenging task. Our mobile testing services at Appzlogic ascertain that your application function at the optimum level on the platforms and devices. We are a reputed name in our niche of mobile testing on Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Testing

We follow human interface guidelines [HIG] when testing your applications on various platforms. Our clients can depend on us also for testing of all hybrids, native, and mobile web apps testing efficiently to their satisfaction. We adopt an optimized mobile test automation approach with a single test suite for both mobile and non-mobile applications.

We take pride in our specially created smart devices that we use to test smartphones, tablets, notebooks, e-readers, PDAs, and others. But what makes our services even more desirable is our ability to give extra test coverage for applications that are built on HTML 5, CSS 3, and others. Our team also ensures mobile testing on a business use case basis. This testing allows us to find minute faults in real-time when users are interacting with applications and devices.

Our team also ensures the best quality business use cases to describe a particular use of the system by a user. This software testing technique helps us identify all the test cases so that the entire system is well covered. This we ascertain on a transaction by transaction basis in each step that we take from start to finish.

The major categories of our services include BFSI specific applications, learning content on e-readers, end-user applications that are common to all, and enterprise-level deployment of devices.

Why Should You Opt For Our Mobile Testing Services?

Here are some vital reasons to pick our expertise in mobile testing

highly experienced team

Ours is a highly experienced team of expert mobile application testers.

Why Should You Opt For Our Mobile Testing Services benefits

art mobile lab

We boast of a state of the art mobile lab that allows us to test applications based on simulator testing accurately

functional & usability Testing

You can rely on us for both mobile functional testing and usability testing experience

operating systems

We provide mobile testing services for a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems.

market  reach

We consider mobile device market reach for test optimization

Our Mobile Teting Services

  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Mobile Functional Testing
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Instructional Design
  • Mobile Accessibility Testing
Visual Learning Kids
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Our Work in Mobile Testing

Visual Learning Kids Time

Now day’s students will prefer to watch videos instead of reading books So, we need a platform where students can lear using visual content and submit assessment online to get grades.

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