Website Development

Websites carry features that help conduct businesses most efficiently. Such a website becomes the face of a company and its business. With high-quality and engaging content, enticing visual design, user-friendly and mobile-friendly features, and proper call to action, websites are inevitable to doing business in a competitive market. We at Appzlogic are equipped with the most modern web development technologies to provide fully customized solutions to our clients.

We boast of a dedicated web development team that specializes in providing an extensive array of customized solutions to a variety of industries. We create web applications that are tailor-made for our clients’ businesses to help them improve efficiency, productivity, and market share. We take your web application development through several stages to ascertain the solutions that are in sync with your business strategies, target audience, and goals.

Website Development

Our Web Development Services

We offer the entire gamut of web development services that cover a wide range of industries and businesses. Our experts deliver comprehensive and end-to-end solutions that fit your business requirements. Such major services on offer from our experts include:

  • Front-end web development 
  • Custom Web Development 
  • Open Source Platform Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Application Frameworks

Mean Stack Development Services 

MEAN stands for a collection of technologies (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js). These technologies are associated with JavaScript that the developers use to build web-based applications. MEAN Stack, a branch of full-stack development is used to build powerful web-based applications.

We deliver these MEAN Stack development services to streamline your application.

  • MongoDB – Our experts use the dynamic schema of MongoDB in a binary JSON format for business eligibility and scalability.
  • Express JS – We build interactive multiple, single, and hybrid apps using express.JS, which is the web server framework of Node.js.
  • Angular JS – We provide seamless front-end development with MVC capability as well as server-side applications.
  • Node.js – You can rely on our proficient team for using Node’s JavaScript programming language to build customized web apps for your business needs.

LAMP Stack Web Development Services

The acronym LAMP refers to a combination of development languages and platforms Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Our expertise in this entirely free and open-source software delivers you the right web development solutions that suit your business.

The LAMP development services we deliver include:

  • Linux Development – We implement Linux-based services and Linux system administration. Our experts also maintain DHCP server amongst others
  • Apache Development – Our professionals of Apache developers make sure that you get skillful and proficient support for static as well as dynamic web pages.
  • MySQL Development – MySQL is a fully secured database management system. Our team of MySQL development lets you manage your database more efficiently.
  • PHP Development – PHP is amongst the most versatile server-side open-source scripting language. We help you get high-quality web pages using PHP language besides Python, and Perl.


So, get started with us for comprehensive web development solutions that meet your business requirements to your satisfaction.

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