Video Calling Apps Using WebRTC

Video calling apps are crucial for businesses to interact with people and engage them with brands. Most companies today take advantage of video calling apps using WebRTC technology to connect with the target audience in a meaningful way. At Appzlogic, our expert professionals provide the most comprehensible video calling app solutions for WebRTC. We embed communication as a seamless of your experience when video calling.

video calling app

Here Is How You Benefits From Our Video Calling Apps

customizable WebRTC

We deliver 100% customizable WebRTC video chat app solutions as per your business expectations.

Here Is How You Benefits From Our Video Calling Apps

professionals use ideal technology

Our professionals use superior technology, infrastructure, and configurations to give users an exceptional video chat app that runs smoothly across all platforms.

functionality & control

You can rely on our expertise in providing the best video call functionality and control over a massive load of income and outgoing calls.

video calling  API

We ensure that with a hassle-free integration of video calling API. Our video chat app routes the transmission between the servers. This gives a great video chat experience.

video calling data usage

We ensure video encryption and optimize the overall video calling data usage. This is done by converting compressed format into video and vice versa.

We provide video calling apps for all platforms and browsers using Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc. For the best user chat experience.

With the help of WebRTC, mobile devices, and web browsers, can provide real-time communication. This open-source project enables the integration of peer-to-peer video and audio conferencing and other app features into a web page. The video calling apps allow for video chats on all browser-based videos as it is quickly engineered with JavaScript and HTML, and no back-end code is required.

We boast of having our own optimized and mature SDK for video calling. The kit can provide low latency calling with a variable bit rate. This also helps in combining the options of recording and screen sharing.

Our professionals deliver streaming solutions for Smartglasses as well. You can depend on us to provide various innovative glass solutions such as Vuzix M400, Vuzix Blade, Vuzix M300, Google Glass Enterprise Edition, and Real wear.


What Is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an HTML5 specification to add real-time media communications between devices and browsers. In other words, WebRTC is responsible for enabling video and audio communication inside web pages.

WebRTC, or real-time web communications, is a powerful and highly cutting-edge technology and a standard. Most modern browser vendors support WebRTC, leveraging plugin-free APIs that you can use in mobile and desktop browsers. WebRTC enables two web browsers to allow video, audio, and data communication without plugins.

Advantages Of  WebRTC

Here are some key reasons that you should bank upon WebRTC for video calling app

  • WebRTC is an open-source project free of commercial or private use.

  • It is a technology we find constantly evolving, so it will be relevant for years.

  • WebRTC is available for most web browsers so that you can create new use cases and business models.

  • This technology can host large-scale professional webinars.

  • WebRTC is available for mobile applications besides browsers.

  • You can use this powerful and versatile technology not only for voice or video calling but also to build a group calling service.

Why Should You Access Our WebRTC Services?

Building a WebRTC app is more straightforward as our tools and analytics help develop, maintain, and deploy the perfect solutions. We deliver excellent video calling apps using WebRTC for various business use cases fields, including education, health, finance, customer services, e-commerce, workforce management, etc.
With our solutions for educational institutions, we help in making education a more interactive and engaging business. Our services help your healthcare apps reach a larger audience. Similarly, our business use cases in the financial sectors deliver secure portfolio management, retirement planning, and other services.

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