1-Click Automation Testing Live Project


Learn 1-Click Automation Testing Concepts In-Depth from the Best Industry Experts


1-click automation is revolutionizing the software testing world with faster software deliveries and improved quality. The major objective of automation testing is to reduce manual efforts and speed up the overall software development lifecycle process. Automation testing is now leveraged to test almost every application and hence, the demand for qualified and skilled automation testing experts has grown exponentially.


If you are planning to kickstart your career in the automation testing space, it is just the right time to get in action and register for the automation testing internship at Appzlogic. All you need is a bachelor’s degree or graduation in some IT program.


What You Will Experience and Learn


  • Coaching and Live Projects
  • Full Automation Testing practice as required by industry
  • Crash Course in Automation Testing
  • Learn Software Test Automation with Strong Core JAVA Basics
  • Work on Real-Time Projects for Robust Selenium Framework Building
  • Become Eligible for Automation Testing Jobs


Who Can Join Automation Testing Course AtAppzlogic?


  • Manual testers who want to learn Automation
  • Freshers/Graduates who want to make a Career in Test Automation
  • Experience professional who like to make career in Test Automation


1-Click Automation Testing Internship


Here are all the details of the syllabus that you will learn.

UI Automation + Java Refresh

  1. Locators
  2. Waits
  3. UI Action Interactions (Double Click, Drag and drop, Fill in the text box, Checkboxes, radio button’s, Dropdowns)
  4. Assertions
  5. Advanced techniques using String
  6. Array
  7. List
  8. Loops (for, foreach)
  9. Page Object Pattern

REST API + UI Automation

  1. Request\Response
  2. Cookies, Headers
  3. Status codes validation
  4. JSON: parse, validate
  5. Authentication
  6. Measure response time
  7. Dataprovider – parametrize tests
  8. Logger – to log execution flow

Coding Tasks + Automation

  1. Coding challenges from LeetCode, HackerRank, CodeWars:
  2. How to measure algorithms: Big O
  3. Coding strategies: iteration, recursion, brute force, divide and conquer, dynamic programming
  4. Data structures: Array,HashMap, LinkedList
  5. Solving skill: define patterns, thinking in terms of data structures
  6. String challenges
  7. Arrays challenges
  8. HashMap tasks
  9. LinkedList tasks
  10. Sorting algorithms
  11. Binary Search
  12. Continue to practice UI\API automation

As part of the program, Appzlogic will also help you to practice automation basics including:

  • Java concepts
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Locators
  • ADB Commands
  • Best automation frameworks
  • Sauce Lab
  • Manual testing concepts
  • Framework levels
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Postman
  • JMeter
  • Cucumber BDD Framework
  • CI/CD Jenkins
  • Day to day tasks
  • Project tracking software Live projects

Crash Course


In our crash course, we cover the same concepts as mentioned above in the full automation testing course but at a faster pace. So, if you are aware of the basics then a crash course in 1-Click automation can be the best fit for you.


To know more about the course content in detail, contact our expert team right away.


1-Click Automation Training Objectives

The core objectives of our 1-click automation testing training include:

  • Providing comprehensive full automation testing that imparts you all the skills from basic to the advanced level through extensive live projects with practical experience materials.
  • Providing in-depth automation testing that covers all necessary concepts, tools, techniques, job role demands, training certificates, and more.
  • Mastering better ways how a software application can be tested, monitored thoroughly to avoid bugs or any other performance issues too.
  • The 1-click automation course will make you industry-ready by practicing all testing strategies and best practices that lead to amazing outputs with utmost quality standards.
  • Identify the best career path in software testing and get the course content to know what exactly we will cover in the course.

Why Choose Appzlogic for Automation Testing Training?


Project-based Training


  • We run an intense full-time real project live internship process for our candidates
  • Live interaction with the real employees to get the first-hand experience of what automation is all about
  • Intense online/classroom coaching and mentorship min 4hrs per week


Placement Assistance


To help our candidates get hired by companies, we also include:


  • Resume and interview preparation/simulation
  • Job placement assistance
  • Individual job market navigation counseling


Round-the-Clock Support


  • Flexibility to attend the same concept classes in different batches
  • Replying to technical queries over email
  • Monthly guidance calls to help you perform well in your job/project after the placement


Get Hired by Leading Industries


Our 1-Click automation program will help you practice all automation testing fundamentals at your fingertips and prepare yourself for the leading industries right away.


Personalized Course Content


We also offer personalized course content as per the specific requirements of students.


Learn by Industry Experts


Get trained by industry experts and experienced professionals working in the same domain for years.


What Makes Appzlogic Unique?


Being the eminent software development and training company, we help you gain all the required skills and prepares you for the industries to start a career with exponential growth ahead.


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