Database Testing

With the big and small organizations emphasizing the need for effective management, the significance of database application is being felt even more today than ever before. No organization aspiring to compete in the modern world can, therefore, ignore the database unit testing. At Appzlogic, our database testing services provide specific database applications across all the platforms.

We are a reliable source of the most cost-effective support when it comes to debugging the store procedure fully. Our services offer perfect event-driven screening solutions as well as validation of state and output. This helps in delivering error-free performance and effective maintenance. Therefore, the high quality of data generation and integration can be ensured.

Database Testing

Our DB testing and QA services professionals are also experts in business use cases testing. In this testing, we weed out the potential defects in the system to ensure that the interaction between the real user and the system is flawless. The use cases help us in finding out the system faults well in advance to make the database perfect for the users.

Benefit From Our Tecnological Expertise

Keeping in mind the objective of providing flawless testing services, we evaluate and upgrade our skills regularly in sync with the latest developments in the IT industry. 360logica experts are skilled in using the following platforms for DB testing and QA services.

All types of Windows OS, including Windows Vista, Windows 7

Benefit From Our Tecnological Expertise




Mac OS

Key Features Of Our Database Testing Services 

Our professional DB testing and QA services ensure a thorough quality check of our clients’ database for vital functions, stored procedures, and crucial triggers. Our expert team makes it certain that clients get their database applications performing accurately across all platforms, and the outcome is worth their investment. Clients have our assurance of database integrity and validity due to our technically superior database testing strategy.

Here Are Some Vital Features Of The Services 

  • Identification of the right tools specific to the client requirements and creating the best testing stratify.
  • Database outlines analysis to have the information and have a preview of DB testing conditions. Get the objectives as well.
  • Test database generation and case generation.
  • Have the validation of the state as well as the output of test cases.
  • Item test that is event-driven
  • Debugging stored procedures
  • Testing data integrity and tracking
  • Risk evaluation
  • Defect analysis
  • Documentation and reporting

The Following Key Features Have Made Our Platform Testing Services Enviable

  • Customized, customer-centric, and technically superior methodologies
  • Elaborate designing and development process for selecting a testing strategy
  • Cross-browser testing in IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Netscape, etc.
  • Methodical monitoring and evaluation mechanism
  • A complete package for platform testing requirements
  • Independent testing and QA services from the end-user viewpoint

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