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Accessibility Testing is about the testing of software to ensure that it is perfectly usable for people having a hearing, vision, color blindness, old age, motor impairments, and other disabilities. At Appzlogic, we perform accessibility testing on all kinds of software for the differently-abled people. Such software for testing includes speech recognition software, screen reader software, screen magnification software, and special keyboard. The population of differently-abled people is increasing by each day, and it is now a big market for software globally.

We adhere to the WCAG standards and its section 508 in performing accessibility testing of software for differently-abled people. This way, we make sure that the disability software products of our clients are in line with the legal requirements

Accessibility Testing

We ascertain that accessibility testing from our experts is business use case based. In this way, we can check software for its minute faults from the end-user perspective in real-time.

Why Should You Opt For Our Accessibility Testing Services ?

Expertise In Accessibility Testing 

Our team of accessibility testing experts makes sure that the clients get the testing solutions based on business use cases. We work closely with differently-abled people to know their difficulties in using the software in real-time and get the right input way based on firsthand experience. This knowledge of end-user empathy allows us to test software perfectly at realistic levels.

Unique Testing Approach

We follow a unique accessibility testing approach wherein we focus on specific areas to test software work involving both the manual and automated testing techniques.

Flexible Model

Our flexible testing model helps in taking our clients’ products and files through the journey to find the right solutions

All Products Covered

In providing out expertise in accessibility testing, we cover a wide range of the products companies, including eLearning, healthcare, retail, media, publishing, BFSI, travel, web, and other sectors.

Accessibility Testing benefits

Dedicated Team

We have a niche accessibility development team to help implement the testing solution for a specific product

Fast Turnaround Time

We deliver the testing solutions quickly and offer 24×7 support

Files Accessibility

We also offer file accessibility services. This enables our clients to enable accessibility across their files and content that they create.

Report To Clients

After the testing, we deliver a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template report. We also let clients know as to where they presently stand in terms of their use of software for the differently-abled people.

Inclusion Of All Tools And Platforms

We use both the commercial and open-source tools for accessible testing with screen magnifiers, screen readers, voice dictation tools, accessibility tool bars, speech recognition tools, etc. assistive tools. This testing is performed for all platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop.

Balanced Testing

We ensure the right balance between automated testing technique and manual testing for perfect end-user accessibility.

So, get started with our accessibility testing expertise right now and experience the perfect testing solutions.

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