Security Testing

In this digital world, no organization can survive and run successfully without first securing its system and application adequately from any potential cyber-attack and theft of data. Therefore, security testing has become an integral part of conducting the daily functioning of a serious business. With Appzlogic, you are at the best place to secure our system and applications by finding out the possible loopholes and plugging them early.

We boast of a professional team dedicated to security testing. Our experts handle both commercial tools and open-source tools to check the entire system. You can depend on our specially created penetration testing services for adhering to the best practices. We provide high-quality security testing services to validate a company’s system and infrastructure, which includes DevSecOps for the incorporation of security in a DevOps cycle.

Security Testing

Our security testing experts also ensure business use cases to make sure that your real users do not encounter any issues. We make it certain that your users do not face hurdles when they use your system and applications in real-life situations. After testing for security, they can engage and interact with your entire gamut of the system without any security concerns.

Our Security Testing Services

At Appzlogic, we deliver the entire range of security testing services to keep web applications safe and secure from any potential damage. Such services include:

  • Data Validation Testing
  • Business Logic Testing
  • Authentication and Authorization Testing
  • Security testing for OWASP top ten vulnerabilities including XSS, SQL Injection
  • Web Services Testing
  • Configuration Management Testing
  • Ajax Testing
  • Session Management Testing
  • Denial of Service Testing

Why Should You Opt For Our Security Testing Services ?

  • Our security testing services are amongst the best and in sync with the industry standards like OWASP.
  • We send our professionals to the conferences related to security testing to update them with the latest developments in this field.
  • The in-house R&D is a continuous process with this company
  • We use a whole range of tools such as Ajax testing tools, browser plugins, data validation, web services, proxies, etc.
  • We provide realistic security testing services to combine them with usability test environments.
  • Our experts also reverse-engineer the code when required as per the needs and make other comprehensive security test efforts.

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