Testing Services

Software testing has become essential to ensure smoother and trouble-free functioning of apps that are crucial to conducting businesses daily. At Appzlogic, we are known for our expertise in delivering all the testing solutions to our clients as per their business requirements. Here are our key testing services that you can depend on to keep your application and software healthy, safe, secure, and functioning.

Security Testing


Your business software must be secured from any theft or damage to crucial data. We deliver the entire gamut of security testing services to keep your web applications and other apps safe and secure from any potential damages. Our vital security testing services include

  • Data Validation Testing
  • Business Logic Testing
  • Authentication and Authorization Testing
  • Security testing for OWASP top ten vulnerabilities including XSS, SQL Injection
  • Web Services Testing
  • Configuration Management Testing
  • Ajax Testing
  • Session Management Testing
  • Denial of Service Testing


Functional Testing Web


Our functional testing web services are the perfect solutions to ensure that your apps are functioning with the utmost capacity to deliver a great user experience. Our team of professional experts delivers you the web testing solutions, particularly as per your requirements.


Functional Testing Mobile


Functional testing mobile services from our experts are crucial to making your mobile business apps user-friendly. We test your mobile apps with different OS, browsers, mobile devices, etc. You get the flawless testing solutions before you launch your mobile apps for business and users. While testing your mobile apps for functionality parameters, we cover the end to end checkpoints to doubly ensure that your apps are perfectly ready for launch.


Performance Testing & Load Testing


Are your applications performing well for your business and users, and do they load faster? Quick loading of apps is extremely crucial so that users do not migrate to your competitive business sites. Your apps must load in a few seconds, or they will leave for other apps. We provide end to end performance testing and load testing solutions, especially as per your testing needs.


Accessibility Testing


Accessibility testing deals with the testing of software for people who are having issues related to vision, hearing, old age, color blindness, motor impairments, etc. Our accessibility testing experts ensure that the software for speech recognition, screen magnification, screen reader, and special keyboard are functioning perfectly for differently-abled people. We follow the global WCAG standard and its section 508 for conducting accessibility testing of software.


Automation Testing


Automation testing helps increase the QA team’s productivity manyfold. Those companies that have a shortage of professionals for testing of software and cannot bear high costs of test environment find out automation testing services particularly useful. We are known for achieving a balance between the perfect software test automation framework and multiple automation challenges. To help improve test efficiency, our experienced QA team uses Appium, Zephyr, etc. test tools. We ensure quality business use cases for testing.


Cloud Testing


Our cloud testing team works with several cloud offering services, including Microsoft Azure, and Amazon EC2. We test our client’s applications across different platforms and devices by exploring cloud testing. Also, we base our cloud testing on various business use cases. In this way, we find faults with software in real-time and real situations for the end-users.


Database Testing


Database testing is essential to debug your data store fully for quality data generation and integration. Our DB testing and QA services experts do business use case testing so that we can weed out the potential defects in your database system. This ensures that the interaction between the end-user and the system is flawless as we find the system faults well in advance.


Functional Testing


Functional testing is crucial to ensure that your applications are functioning smoothly for end users. With our high global standards of testing techniques, you are assured of the quality methodology that is based on a thorough framework, database, and GUI. Our experts combine functional testing with other testing areas such as security, accessibility, localization, and performance.


Mobile Testing


Business applications are present across all operating systems such as Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Our expert mobile testing professionals ensure that your applications on mobile phones, e-readers, and other mobile computing devices function at the optimum level. We are known for mobile testing solutions for Android and iOS devices.

Our mobile testing services include:


  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Mobile Functional Testing
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Instructional Design
  • Mobile Accessibility Testing


Performance Testing


We use stringent testing strategies to put your applications and system to real-life stress conditions. This helps us find event the minute faults with the performance that may cause issues for the end-users. Our team of expert engineers all performance testing tools like Silk Performer and Load Runner as well as open-source test automation tools like JMeter. We boast of advanced plug-ins to evaluate the performance of various web applications.