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Functional testing is crucial to determine that the developed software adheres to high-quality standards. If the software is released without its proper testing, you run the risk of displeasing the end-users. Their expectations of software products are today very high, which prompts us to make rigorous testing of the product for optimum quality and functionality. The development team which created software is usually biased towards the product, which is a significant impediment in honest testing. Therefore, our testing services at Appzlogic are crucial to give you an unbiased report of functional testing on software. We are an independent software testing company known for the setting of high standards of functional testing of software.

When conducting a functionality test, we use methodology based on a thorough framework, database, and GUI. We are equipped with the best mix of home-grown methodologies and automation tools. Consequently, we can combine functional testing with other arrears such as accessibility, security, performance, and localization.

Our experienced QA testing team does business use case testing, as well. The use case testing helps in perfecting the entire system for transactions from start to finish. We uncover the specific defects caused by any fault in the interaction between different components. Through the use of case testing, we can pinpoint the process flows during the use of the system. So, the testing helps in finding out the defects that the end-users may face when using the system for the first time.

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We provide fully functional QA services to the satisfaction of clients

You are assured of validation of data integrity

We boast of  multiple redundant serversthat give us 99.9% uptime.

A dependable disaster-recovery plan recovery plan

Functional Teting benefits

Track the defects in real-time

Complete transparency on the testing cycle

Depend on us for the optimum use of web-enabled defect management tools

dedicated testing  labs

We have dedicated testing labs that are well equipped with servers that can stimulate a wide range of client environments as well as the use of the cloud.

Since the clients’ requirements for functional testing has changed a lot today, we have combined the traditional testing attitude of the professionals with the new techniques. As a result, we have been meeting various unique testing requirements of clients.

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