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To find any vulnerability in a web application, we use human or automated penetration testing methodologies. Appzlogic has a staff of security specialists who are certified. We also assist with the prioritization of identified vulnerabilities and threats, as well as how to mitigate them.

Following a Web App Pentest, our team generates a detailed report detailing all security holes detected during the security study.

The following well-known security evaluation guides are incorporated into our application security assessment methodology:

Benefits Of Our Web App Security Service

Use human/automated penetration testing methodologies

We employ human or automated penetration testing approaches to detect any vulnerabilities in a web application.

Open Web Application Security Project

To reduce risk from both internal and external sources, we use Open Web Application Security Projects.

Benefits Of Our Web App Security Service

Report Generation

Our team creates a complete report documenting all security holes discovered during the security investigation following a Web App Pentest.

Penetration Testing Execution Standard

Penetration testing aids in the detection of IT flaws, allowing you to respond with more stringent security measures around your most valuable assets.

Open Security Testing Methodology Manual

Open Security Testing Methodology Manual assists in developing a scientific process for accurately determining the security of an operation that may be used for penetration testing, ethical hacking, and other types of security testing.

Web Application Security Consortium

OSSTMM helps organizations understand, identify, mitigate, and correct vulnerabilities in their technology by giving them a priority over which risks focusing on.


Web Penetration Testing Approach

Website Penetration
Website Penetration

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A web application security analyst or other web security services are what you need. Choose Appzlogic because our team of professional engineers is available to assist you with the process of securing your web application.

Every network penetration test that Appzlogic conduct employs frameworks that are well-known and widely acknowledged in the sector. Appzlogic conducts vulnerability assessments and provides you with the resources to set up a modern workplace.

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We Comply With All The Top IT Security Testing Guidelines

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