smartglass app development

Client: A video communication smart glass/mobile app for remote healthcare.

Problem Statement

The client needed a mobile-based smart glass app that can enable healthcare professionals to chat and make hands-free video calls safely and easily.

Engagement Model


Scope of Work

With Appzlogicā€™s expertise in the mobile app development domain, the client approached us to develop a smart glass-based mobile app for Android and iOS. The client is a leading player in the healthcare domain and wanted to offer a hands-free video calling solution through smart glass for healthcare professionals to enable cost-efficient care for seniors in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the client wanted us to develop an absolutely secure app with end-to-end encryption.


Appzlogic has helped the client to build a video communication app for healthcare. The mobile solution that we have developed enables the user to make video calls, chat with WhatsApp-like features, and leverage smart glasses within the organization in a safe and secure environment.

The app also supports smart glasses so care professionals are able to get remote support while their hands are free. Experienced care professionals can also give remote support from the point of view of their coworkers.

Around 500 smart glasses are already being leveraged by multiple healthcare organizations in the Netherlands. The app will enable healthcare professionals to deliver cost-efficient care for elderly people and will help in slashing the costs by millions of euros per year.

The additional functionalities of the app include capture and send pictures or videos, zoom in live video calls, draw on the screen during a live video call, or use a pointer to point something. You can also share devices while keeping the profile of users absolutely safe and secure.
The app also allows the users to create and manage multiple groups within the organization.

We have created highly secure and end-to-end encrypted APIs to ensure absolute security and privacy for video calls, chat, and chat groups. It also ensures that user encrypted data is stored in the backend.

Value Proposition

Appzlogic has helped the client deliver healthcare remotely and cost-efficiently.

End-to-end encrypted APIs to ensure secure communication.
Encrypted data is stored in the backend.
Hands-free video communication
Healthcare professionals can make multiple groups and chat within the organization safely