Performance Testing

An organization’s critical applications must be performing at the optimum level all the time if it has to compete and be ahead in its niche and market. But maintaining the high-performance level of the entire system is a challenging task as it demands the most effective test methodology. At Appzlogic, we have the performance testing strategy to predict system behavior accurately. We put the systems and applications under real-life stress conditions to find the faults and correct them. Our software performance testing strategy making the team puts the systems under various severe conditions to test them for their ability to perform to give the desired results for an organization.


We are a team of expert engineers who are solely dedicated to the cause of testing various applications for their performance. These professionals have many years of experience in commercial performance testing tools such as Silk Performer and Load Runner. We also use open-source test automation tools such as JMeter for which our testing team has come up with many plug-ins to increase the capability of this tool. Our advanced plug-ins are a great help in the assessment of performance and get an accurate analysis of any web application. In this way, we enhance the capability of open source tools regarding support for specific protocols, test execution, report generation, etc.


Besides the core tools, our performance testing team carries the expertise and years of experience using Jmeter and other such tools to test all kinds of web services, mobile applications, and web applications. We take website load testing service as our core activity to deliver the optimum user experience. For this, we ensure access to the latest technology changes happening in this space.


We also ensure to test the performance of applications based on business use cases. This testing parameter enables us to detect the faults in the application and system for the end-users. Such use cases testing is essential to ascertain that there are no flaws in the system, and the interaction between the real user and the system is absolutely flawless.


Why settle for your performance testing services?


  • We boast of a team of professional performance testing experts who have a great record of years of testing to the satisfaction of clients
  • We use cloud-based test labs to scale up as per the new demands and be flexible to adjust the clients’ testing needs.
  • You can depend on us for stimulating the real-world traffic coming from a variety of geographies
  • We provide a great end to end performance testing experience to the users due to our leading commercial and licensed engineering tools. We also make good use of open source performance tools for testing.

For the desired performance testing results, we build internal frameworks on open source tools such as JMeter.