Benefit of Test Automation

Benefit of Test Automation

The first benefit of automated testing is increased testing speed and efficiency. Credits to automation tools, Testers can run a greater number of tests in a shorter amount of time. 

Fast Development and Delivery

Integrated test automation in any app development will help save time. Automated tests

run rapidly and can be run at any point of time. We can say that you don’t have to wait for weeks to execute the tests all over again few hours (depending on number of test cases) are enough

It increases the speed of development. Following are the advantages speeding up while integrated the Automation testing 

  • A shorter software development cycle
  • Frequent releases
  • Quicker changes and updates to the app
  • Faster time-to-market delivery

As we can clearly see that switching from manual to automation will decrease the waiting time and boost the app development 

Increased Productivity

If we have automated our tests so it won’t required any manual/human intervention to run, we can run the tests nightly and can get the results the next morning.

Because automated tests can run repeatedly on their own, software developers and QAs are able to spend less time on testing. Basically, with automation, your engineers can focus on critical tasks. Everyone knows that fixing the existing app functionality is not as exciting as creating new features.

More Accurate Tests

We are more likely to have error-free releases if we integrate automation testing. it minimized human intervention, automated testing is always more accurate than testing applications manually. A manual tester can make mistakes during any step of evaluation. But the chances in automation tests would be none. Generated test cases are more precise than human testers, which means that by eliminating human errors, you will reduce the risk of failure.

CI/CD Implementation

You can’t ignore test automation if you think about implementing the Continuous Delivery , because automated testing is the key to it. In the CI/CD pipeline, every developer’s commit to the source code has to be tested, and there’s no way of doing it quickly and efficiently except for test automation. So, having adopted automated testing, you will find switching to Continuous Testing and Delivery easy.