It is crucial for app development companies to select the right platform. Compared to native app development, developers prefer cross-platform development as they are more cost-efficient. Native app development offers distinct approaches for Android and iOS.

The use of the same code across platforms minimizes development costs and speeds up the process. One such framework is React Native. Let us investigate this framework.

What is React Native ?

Mobile app framework React Native is open-source and free. It’s JavaScript’s native library. It simplifies development, improves user experience, and shapes the UI component hierarchy to build mobile apps.


How React Native will change App Development

  • Offer Compatibility Across Platforms 

Developers can use React Native APIs to write code for iOS and Android, minimizing the expense of creating them separately. The framework’s open-source nature also ensures cross-platform compatibility with OS like tvOS and Windows.

  • Deliver Superior UI Experience 

Unlike AngularJS, React focuses on mobile UI. Not a framework, but a JavaScript library, and it loads faster and has a better user experience. Due to JavaScript interactions, the UI acts quickly.

  • Reuse the Code

Another benefit of React Native app development is that it incorporates 90% of a native framework allowing code reuse on both the OS. If developers build code, they can reuse previously developed code that meets requirements.


React’s features save time and money. The open-source library provides pre-developed components, which speeds up development.


The app looks and works as a native mobile app. Unlike similar hybrid frameworks, developers can use an Agile, web-like approach.

  • Enhance functionality 

Native apps were inefficient and slow to deploy. React Native improves app functionality. App development becomes as quick as web app development, and it uses the ReactJS UI library for web apps; the benefits include DOM abstraction, programming simplicity, and improved performance.



Developers can build apps after learning React library constructs/tools like NodeJS, JSX, ECMAScript6, etc.

The open-source framework offers a large development community that can benefit developers, and it allows them to contribute to the frameworks and is open to all. When a developer is stuck, they can ask for help from the community. They improve their coding skills by sharing portfolios. It has communities like Github React Native Community, which helps developers learn new features and functionalities.