Visual Learning Kids

Problem Statement:

Now day’s students will prefer to watch videos instead of reading books So, we need a platform where students can lear using visual content and submit assessment online to get grades.


In our experience, a large number of these strugglers are highly visual learners. Perhaps one of them is your child or if you are a teacher, one of your students.

To provide educators guidance and direction, with ready-made Visual Learning content that engages and drives struggling readers to proficiency and proficient readers into content masters.

Words are abstract and rather difficult for the brain to retain, whereas visuals are concrete and, as such, more easily remembered. To illustrate, think about your past school days of having to learn a set of new vocabulary words each week. Most probably, you had to put forth great effort to remember the vocabulary words. I bet you weren’t trying to commit them to memory. Yet, you can quickly and effortlessly visualize these experiences (now, even years later). You can thank your brain’s amazing visual processor for your ability to easily remember life experiences. Your brain memorized these events for you automatically and without you even realizing what it was doing.

Industry – Education (E- Learning)

Services – Design, Development,Deployment & Testing

Business Type –  E- Learning


  1. Create Curriculum 
  2. Assign content to students
  3. Manage video content from the admin panel.
  4. View Student Gradebook

The Results       

2000 + Student onboarded

           10 + Schools

           1000 + Videos

Our Development & Testing Process

– We follow an agile process to work on the application which is the best approach for the web portal development

Visual Learning Kids


Technology & SDK :                                        

Google Cloud

Java Script

Laravel (PHP)

Youtube API