Singshala : Even You Can Sing!

SingShala – An App Changing The Online Singing Perspective In Real Time

An app which enables the users to sing and practice at the same time.
If you want to be a singer, this is the best platform where you can hone your skills. And the best part is there are well skilled trainers as well who can guide you through the journey.

SingShala is an user-friendly learning app that helps aspiring singers practice, learn and perfect their singing with real-time feedback and professional guidance.



Industry – Music , IT .

Services – Design, Development,Deployment & Testing .                                                                                  
Business Type –  Music & Entertainment .

Task Overview:

Train the Singers to improve their skills.

There are so many apps in the market that enable people to sing. But no one can teach them how to sing. singShala focuses on that part of the problem. Here we enable the singers to up their game with a great pitch level guidance and practices.


SingShala provides the first complete guided vocal education. In which we have a wide variety of lessons in singing , from beginner to advance levels.


What you get with SingShala app

  • User friendly experience to Learn how to sing at your own pace, in your own space
  • Curriculum curated by experts, focused on singing 
  • Users can  create covers with awesome songs with background music.
  • Participate in challenges and artist led contests
  • Interactive lessons, guided audio exercises & trivia
  •  Users can practice on a number of songs and get the results instantly with areas where they are not singing correctly.
  • After practice and help from the pitch guide they can come up and again make the covers on the songs with better skills.
  • They will be getting rewards as well on the best signings.
  • and finally, if someone needs one to one guidance there are teachers as well with their best class training classes.
  • Users can login and learn so much on the singing front and based on that they will be upping their game in singing.
  • User can connect the other aspiring singers through messages communication 


What Makes Singshala So Unique

There are so many apps in the market that enable people to sing. But no one can teach us how to sing until now. singShala focuses on that part of the problem; here we enable the singers to up their game with a great pitch level guidance and practices.

whilst carrying on the movement started by Blue Frog, singShala is a guided vocal education app that enables you to learn how to sing by helping users enhance their rhythm and pitch. With unique features like scoring technology, real-time feedback, detailed analysis and practical vocal lessons curated by experts, singShala enables vocal education for all, by making it accessible, affordable, and convenient. singShala recognizes the joy of singing and wants to create a community where everyone feels empowered to sing without any barriers & freedom.


Our Development & Testing Process

  • We follow an agile process to work on the application which is the best approach for the applications development. 

          Here is how we did it :


Way Ahead

  • Contests will be held online with in this app and many more ideas are waiting for you to join singshala
  • And many more interactive features are coming up next. 



  • Micro services in golan and nodeJS, MongoDB for database. Amazon S3 is for sotrage along with lamda fucntions to update into database
  • Android App: Kotlin lanuge is used with multi module base code architecture
  • Web: We have Content Management System (CMS) in angularJS and node
  • For IOS : java swift