Google glass app development

Google Glass displays information right in front of our eyes in a hands-free format in such a way that it makes interaction with the internet on voice command even more exciting experience. In this way, these head-mounted displays have found use in gaming, learning, and medical science. At Appzlogic, we hold the expertise and industry-wide experience in providing high-quality Google Glass apps development solutions that are best suited to your brand and end-users.

Our expert app development team makes a precise assessment of your Google Glass development requirements. We then ascertain a strategic planning and road map that helps us deliver the desired results. With a detailed blueprint, we chalk out the flow of your glass app, its design as well as visuals.  We also design the app architecture and review it regularly to meet your app development goals.

Use cases


We provide Google Glass app development across all the industries. Video collaboration is amongst the most prominent uses of Google smartglass. We develop smartglass applications for video calling solutions in telemedicine, remote assistance, complex engineering, field service check-ups, etc. Our glass app development helps industries involved in complex manufacturing.


We also deliver the app development solutions to industries in their logistics and warehousing to give visual cues and directions to locate, collect, and deliver items quickly. In this way, the industries can substitute handheld scanners, paper, and devices.

Our clients avail of our Google glass app development solutions to construction workers to make their job a lot safer and easier. Most importantly, our app development solutions work perfectly for various consumer markets.


Why should you prefer our Google Glass app development solutions?


Appzlogic boasts of the expertise of a team of professionals who deliver precise Google Glass app development solutions to clients. With a long list of satisfied clients from across the industries, your brand can rely on us to make doing business a much easier task. Here are the key benefits you get from our Google Glass app development services:

  • A unique blend of skills and experience – Our team comprises of professional developers who carry much-needed experience to build innovative glass apps. With their in-depth knowledge of the latest smart glass SDKs, Mirror API, and HTML5, you are assured of apps development solutions that help you meet your business objectives.
  • Technological expertise – Glass apps development technologies are evolving and our team of experts is well versed in it. We help you realize your ideas due to the proficiency in the technologies that ensure flawless user-interface, security, and robust functionality for the best user experience. We hold expertise in Java, PHP, Node.JS or Python, Metaio and Unity 3D
  • Timely delivery of the best solutions – With us, you are doubly assured of getting your Google Glass app development solutions on time. The fast turnaround time helps you be ahead of competitors and keep the cost of app development within your budget.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure – We get pride in our app design and development studio equipped with the latest technologies for strategic planning and analysis. With this, we can promptly handle any challenging glass app development project. So, you get user-friendly interface design, which is 100% secured with complete testing and best practices.

 Our major Google Glass App Development Services

We offer a wide range of Google Glass app development solutions to clients who come from across many industries. Here are the key services you can benefit from:

  • App development
  • Custom business software development
  • Big data analysis
  • Social media and ecommerce analysis
  • Data management
  • Media solutions
  • Full stack development
  • Ad Tech

So, start your Google Glass app development services from our expert team of professionals to deliver you the perfect solution for your brand.