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Many enterprises are preferring Cloud Optimization Services especially after identifying the efficient cost-saving aspect. With this service, the companies can ensure the optimum use of all the resources. Appzlogic is helping clients with high-end and sophisticated Cloud Optimization Services. Recently we have served a USA-based Finance Management company and helped them to reduce their annual cloud expenditure by $1.3 Million.  

About the Client:  :

The client is a giant finance management company located in the USA. As they have to manage their national operation of several branches and local agents from their headquarters in Manhattan; they have a huge amount of data to operate. 

What do they want?

The client has gradually migrated their whole operation to the cloud. Unfortunately, the transformation happened without following any proper strategy or methodology in the architectural pre planning stage. For that reason, the client was receiving an unrealistic cloud bill without much insight into the resources and usage pattern. 

As their cloud expenditure is mounting, they contact the Appzlogic team to address their problem and get a cost-reduction solution. Our specialized team assisted the client with cutting-edge methodologies, strategies, and tools. 


In the previous scenario before optimization, 14 verticals of our client were managed as a separate business unit. They also had 71 AWS accounts without following any centralized practice for optimization. A central governing entity to govern cost operation is also missing. 

The FinOps culture in that organization was also not present. Due to their propensity to expand machine size whenever an application underperformed rather than looking into the problem and trying to improve performance and costs, engineers would occasionally use barely 5% of CPUs.

Our experienced team knew that identification of the expenditure is the easier part whereas cloud optimization implementation is the main challenge. As 71 AWS accounts were spread over 14 business units, it was very complex and challenging to optimize. 

In the first month, we did notice some immediate wins, but it took some time to see real benefits that affected the overall organization. Furthermore, given that it is a major Finance management company, you can bet that not every employee welcomed the notion of outside interference and scrutiny right away. Building confidence and productive cooperation with various business units to enable the successful implementation of FinOps solutions was therefore one of the major hurdles.

Solutions We Provide:

Through robust monitoring of the cost of the Cloud, Appzlogic has successfully mapped the main cost structure and also found several opportunities for cost savings.

Appzlogic proposed savings of $1.3 Million annually, depending on the short-term and long-term savings with some immediate effects on sustainable cost optimization. We offer cost optimization services along with an end-to-end solution for our clients with:

  • Around-the-clock desk support
  • Creating a customized dashboard for cost tracking and accountability creation
  • Weekly updates and meeting
  • Monthly Reports with periodic achievements by Appzlogic 

With our strategic implementation for cost saving, there was a direct impact including: 

  • Increasing the number of devices that operate on a reservation plan and buying reservations
  • Implementation of personalized dashboards to track anomalies in expenditure patterns for misconfiguration, overuse of database, and keeping up inactive resources
  • To avoid unnecessary paid-for-resources, we used Manual Right Sizing VMs
  • Data transferring and cleaning up  


After the implementation of the solutions, the cloud bill of the client decreased by 18% and they have a growth of 30% for the Increased Traffic on their website and the development of new features. 

With the help of our solid cloud strategy; the client has a positive impact. 

  • They save $200K in the first 4 months
  • 15% Deduction in cloud monthly bill
  • 50% reduction in ElastiCache cost
  • FinOps best practices implementation with sustainable growth

Appzlogic has helped the company with strategic cost optimization to get rid of the obstacles that were jeopardizing the growth of the business. 

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