Back End Development On Java

Back-end Development is the term referred to the server-side of the development, and it mainly focuses on scripting, databases as well as the architecture of websites. At Appzlogic, our Backend development experts write codes that are highly useful in effectively communicating the database information to the browser.


Back End Development On Java


Our expertise in Java programming language ensures better enterprise application, specially created for your business. We designed the Java compiler, particularly for high performance, as the code is run through Java Virtual Machine prior to converting it into a machine-level code. Our professionals have a strong Java base, which makes our services unique when it comes to creating Java-based apps.

Our expertise in Back end developers includes:

We are a professional team of back end developers who use the Java programming language to build applications that suit your business needs. Here is what we do:

  • Delivering suitable technical solutions
  • Conducting software tests and debugging code
  • Developing and improving application software 
  • Designing technical architecture 
  • Solutions as per the new changes in technologies
  • Providing the design schema of a database
  • Analyzing your customer needs

Our Back End Development Services

We deliver excellent back end development solutions for a wide range of applications. Our highly experienced and professional team has hands-on experience in offering the best possible services that are true to your expectations. The services we offer include:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning – We help enterprises automate their functions of different departments.
  • Document Management Software – With this service, our customer organizations can manage their electronic documents as well as images effectively. This service includes customizing of document management software.· ​
  • Content Management System – CMS helps in creating and managing digital content of websites. We provide solutions for all the major content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.
  • E-commerce – Our backend web development team creates the best user-friendly solutions to ensure that your e-commerce platform is secure.
  • Mobile App Backend – We create and provide all mobile apps, backend development solutions.
  • Website Backend – We create and maintain all website backend services that power a server, a database, and an application.
  • Application Programming Interface – An API is responsible for communication between the two different software so that they can work together. We provide excellent API solutions to our clients.
  • Customer Relationship Management – With our experienced team of CRM professionals, we can manage your clients. Our backend developer team can create any custom or open-source CRM.

Start with us right now to get perfect Backend development solutions that are specially created and built considering your specific needs of business.

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