Top Automation Testing Trends 2021: Achieve Quality at Speed

Top Automation Testing Trends 2021: Achieve Quality at Speed


The year 2020 reshaped our lives forever; where Covid-19 changed our lifestyle, the digital transformation revolutionalized the way we used technology. With every industry being at a standstill, businesses started going digital to innovate and reinvent themselves. They transferred their data to apps and software to get in touch with customers and generate revenue.


In 2021, technological advancements continued in the digital world, giving rise to automation testing services. It became difficult for companies to develop, maintain, and deliver high-quality software quickly with everything going online. Test automation services helped businesses focus on changes and improvements to achieve ‘Quality at Speed’.


Amid the complex systems, environments, and data, the testing practices and tools evolved to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of software testing. Here are the key automation testing trends of 2021 that you must look out for.


1. Codeless Automation: With the growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), many automation tools have been developed powered by AI and ML to provide codeless automation testing services. These tools minimize the testing time over repetitive test cases, even for the most complicated test scripts. Codeless automation also supports self-healing tests, i.e., updating and changing the test scripts automatically.


2. Automation Pipelines: Long gone are the days of writing automation scripts using Selenium. Now is the time to shift focus to the automation pipeline, which will enable teams to build and deploy fast, accurate, reliable, and comprehensive results. A Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline minimizes manual errors and enhances the feedback loop, allowing automation engineers to deliver small chunks of releases within a shorter time.


3. Continuous Testing: It is a software testing methodology that tests the quality of the product at all stages of the development pipeline. It also provides risk-based feedback, reduces cost, and gives a more stable user experience. Testing all potential code changes early in the development process helps keep up with the accelerated release process, as the release can occur as early as every two weeks to 1000 times a day.


4. API and Service Test Automation: API testing has been a favourite among the testing community for years, and 2021 has only expanded the need to automate an API test. You can integrate an automated API testing tool with your CI/CD pipeline to improve code quality by finding and fixing runtime security. You can also check if your application meets functionality.


5. Chat-bot Testing: Chat-bot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered program that offers 24*7 support to customers via mobile applications, messengers, and websites. These bots provide high-speed resolution to queries without any human intervention; thus, reducing operational costs and giving data collection opportunities. Conversational Design Testing, Entities Testing, Fulfillment Testing, and User Acceptance Testing are employed to help better the user experience.


These are the major test automation services that have seen a spike in 2021 and will continue to drive technology and digital transformation in the coming years.