1 Week Functional Testing

1 Week Functional Test



Functional test of software such as your mobile app and web apps is crucial to ascertain that no bugs are invading the applications, and they are running smoothly. At Appzlogic, our expert team has experienced professionals who involve the latest functional testing technologies. Our clients know us for our global standards for providing customized testing solutions. However, there are many startups whose small budget does not permit them to pay for the entire testing services. For them, we have come out with a specific 1 Week Functional Test service.   


What is 1 Week Functional Test?



1 Week Functional Test is the same as our normal functional testing. The only difference is that your small company can pick our expert services for one week and not for the entire month. This means that your billing of services will be for one week only instead of a month. In this way, you can save a lot of money on testing your apps for proper functioning. 


So, hire our expert software testing engineers for a week and pay for that duration. You can choose a select bunch of services to test some key areas of your software. Rather than going for a thorough testing for every minute thing, sometimes only some crucial areas of your application is good enough to keep the app running satisfactorily for your end-users. Then, when you have the budget, you can go for more testing services from our end. 


What services do you get as the 1 Week Functional Test?



You get the entire spectrum of functional testing services that we can broadly divide in two – mobile testing and web testing. 


1 Week Functional Mobile Testing



Our mobile testing experts at Appzlogic deliver you the best testing solutions that are specially made for your business requirements. Under the 1 Week Functional Mobile Testing service, you have all the end to end checkpoints well covered for the app testing. All you need to do is to hire our engineers for one week only to test some key functional areas of the app. Then pay for that duration instead of expensive monthly billing. 


1 Week Functional Web Testing



With our 1 Week Functional Web Testing, you are assured of getting the perfect testing solutions for your web applications. Just let us know what key web app testing you want us to perform within one week. There are undoubtedly some problem areas that need more testing attention than others. You can resolve those issues within your small budget in a week under this service. This saves you from unnecessarily spending more money on testing your web apps. We will bill you for one week of the services and not for a month. So, the service is designed to offer you the functional testing service as per your current budgetary reach. 


Get started with our 1 Week Functional Test service to find the right solutions within your small budget.