1 Day Functional Testing

Functional testing is the key to ensure that software is working correctly to the satisfaction of the end-users. The testing is vital to ascertain that software comes true to the high-quality standards. At Appzlogic, we are known for a rigorous software functional testing schedule that allows us to deliver global standards of the testing solutions. For startups, which run on a small budget, we make sure that they get the testing services within their limited budget. Considering that, we have tailored 1 Day Functional Test service, which offers high-quality testing within their smaller budgetary reach.


What is 1 Day Functional Test?


1 Day Functional Test covers all the normal functional testing services offered from Appzlogic. But we call this service as the 1 Day testing because we let our clients get our wide range of testing solutions on an hourly basis. This means that we will provide your startup with a testing engineer for a day. So, the billing will be on an hourly basis instead of a monthly basis. Clearly, if your company does not have the budget for monthly billing, you can still have your software tested for its key features under our 1 Day Functional test service program.


 What services do you get as 1 Day Functional Test?


Well, we provide the entire gamut of functional testing services under our specially crafted 1 Day Functional testing service.


1 Day Functional Mobile Testing


We provide all the testing services for your mobile apps and test them on different OS, devices, and browsers. You are assured of flawless mobile apps functional testing that covers end to end checkpoints. You can hire our engineers for one day on an hourly basis to get your mobile apps tested for its some key functions in this way.


1 Day Functional Web Testing


Your small budget should not be a hurdle in testing your web application. We offer 1 Day Functional Web Testing service, especially for your circumstances within your restricted budget. Under this service, we deliver all the web application testing solutions as per your requirements. All you need to do is to pick some key testing needs and hire our testing engineer for one day. You pay the bill only on an hourly basis and get you some problematic web application areas tested to your satisfaction.


So, get started with our 1 Day Functional Testing services right away to have key issues of your mobile and web applications tested within your small budget.