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Internet Of Things(IOT)

The huge hub of devices connected to the Internet, including smart devices and almost anything with a sensor on it – cars, machines in production plants, jet engines, oil drills, wearable devices, and more. These “things” gather and exchange data over internet.

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Why IOT is important?
The IoT promotes a magnified level of awareness about our world, and a platform from which to monitor the reactions to the changing conditions that said awareness exposes us to. And, like the advent of the Internet itself, the IoT enables different applications ranging from the micro to the macro, and from the trivial to the critical.

Different strategies of IOT
* Security
* Data Streaming
* Cloud
* Appliacations
* Platforms
* Data Managemen

Benefits of IOT
* Tracking behaviour for real-time marketing.
* Enhanced situational awareness.
* Sensor-driven decision analytics.
* Process optimisation.
* Optimised resource consumption.
* Instantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems.

Latest IOT Devices
* Amazon Echo Spot: Smart Alarm Clock
* Nest Thermostat
* August:Smart Lock
* TP-Link:Multicolour Smart Wifi
* Homepod:Smart Speaker With Siri
* Google Home
* And many more…

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